Allan Haverholm
Tusen Serier, Mitt Möllan (Malmö)
22 maj 2015 kl 17-21

CBK presenterar: When the last story is told / När sista historien berättats utställning/bokrelease hos Tusen Serier.


Eftersom CBK vänder sig till en internationell publik låter vi presentationstexten stå på engelska:

”When the last story is told, its absence rings with colour: Shapes & structure linger”
Like the clap of thunder when the air rushes to fill the vacuum from a supersonic plane, Haverholm poses the question: When the last story is told, what fills the space it leaves?

In the latest book by visual artist Allan Haverholm, narrative gives way to another order of meaning. Although the pages are divided into comic book grids there is nothing to constitute a traditional story, or even pictures in a sense that one would expect. The only text in the book, quoted above, frames the 60 pages of minimalist colour compositions alternatingly obscured with bold strokes of white paint and abstract, black textures.

The book questions one of the basic elements of our culture: storytelling and its underlying structures. Its very title suggests a potential end of narrative, but also that something else may fill the gap, a still-fluid substance or undefined fictional construct forming after this universal aphasia. Like a message from an alien mind, When the last story is told is loaded with meaning encoded in an undecipherable language.

Since his 2006 book debut (the 300 pages Sortmund, hailed as Denmark’s first graphic novel), Allan Haverholm has stubbornly explored the comics medium for new approaches to the art form, changing effortlessly between a wide range of expressions to fit each new project. Persistent themes in his work include language and music, and their application in comics form.
When the last story is told is Haverholm’s eighth book as a single author; he has illustrated some fifty books, published several collaborations with likeminded artists, and appeared in more anthologies than he cares to think of or even count. His art has been exhibited internationally.

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